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Mid Missouri Trout Unlimited January 2022 Newsletter

President’s Message

Dear MMTU members,

I hope you are all enjoying this winter and that there has been lots of time to enjoy your favorite winter activities. I apologize for the lateness of this newsletter. I have been enjoying a vacation in the Southwest with my Son. I have been to four national parks, two BLM site (the Wave included) and Monument Valley. I am leaving for the Grand Canyon in a few minutes and there is more planned. Alas there has been no fishing.

That was my lead in to thanking Kent Campbell for his excellent and obviously thoughtfully prepared presentation on photography and some of his work. This included some pictures of his trip to Hawaii. I am sure Kent’s presentation improved the pictures I took these last few days they still don’t do this area justice. Kent’s presentation was in Shakespeare Pizza Downtown’s large conference room which is an excellent venue for this kind of presentation.

Most of us remember when MMTU met at Jack’s Restaurant. They had a quiet room where we could meet and a wide selection of food and beverages we could order, including craft beer.

We always knew that Jack’s was where the meeting would be. Jacks had a lot of advantages for the chapter it was a place we all knew and most of us liked. Ever since Jack’s closed we have been looking for a place like Jack’s. The Hy-Vee we met at was pretty good it had a large room, it had food and beverages and we were able to arrange to be there repeatedly. After the pandemic began, Hy-Vee, was not making that room available. The chapter is making an effort to find a place like Jack’s where we know the next meetings will be held and that we can get a good meal and something to drink.

Several members are exploring options for us. A place that might be convenient to students and familiar to younger people for recruiting is highly desired. That said the next meeting, Tuesday February 1st will be at Rock Quarry House ( at 2002 Grindstone Parkway in Rock Quarry Park. This is where we had our December meeting. As usually we will start at 6:00 pm, conduct some Chapter business at 7:00. We will then take some time fly tying. If someone has a fly they would like to present I will see if we can get a web cam set up. At this meeting we may have an exciting project for the club to consider so I hope many of us can make it.

We have been trying to plan further out for the future and for so our upcoming meetings in March we will have a WebEx presentation by the Gateway Chapter on their Egg project and in April we will have a presentation by Mike Kruse of his Flycraft fishing boat. We do not have a venue selected for these meetings yet. Tight lines everyone. Hope to see you at the February meeting. Doug

Check out TU's Conservation Story in a video by lead scientist, Helen Neville.

Stay safe and share your stories and pictures for the newsletter, web site and Facebook page.

Hope you are getting so time to fish,

Jeff Holzem

Newsletter Editor

Council Climate Change Coordinator

NLC Climate Change Workgroup Co-chair



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