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Announcing: Our 2nd Annual Driftless Trip

This year our chapter will meet again for our 2nd annual Driftless fly fishing trip.

Click here to see a recap of our 2022 trip.



Jerome Kohout Campground

2049 County Rd Q, Montfort WI 53569

Check it out on Google Maps

The campground itself it situated along a trout stream, and has miles of trout water within less than an hours drive. The nearest town (Fennimore) is a 15 minute drive away where you can fill up on gas, reload the cooler, or find a place to stay if you would prefer a room over a campsite.

If it's your first time there, you'll see there's A LOT of water to choose from. Don't be intimidated, there'll be members attending who're familiar with the local waters



May 18th through the May 21st (Thursday through Sunday)

Like last year, this will be a come and go event, no reservations necessary. You can come earlier and/or stay later. The dates mentioned are for logistical purposes only and shouldn't be viewed as limitations.

No need to RSVP, but if you think you might be interested it wouldn't hurt to reach out to let us know.


What to bring:

That's really up to you, but remember this is privative camping (outhouses on site, but no running water or electricity).

Some things members who attended last year found helpful: - Food and drinks

- Something to cook food with (there are firepits there but no grills)


- Tent/camper

- Chairs

- Fishing gear

- Toilet paper

- Anything else you would bring on a privative camping trip

* Author is not responsible for items you "wish you would have brought", and makes no promises to provide them upon request


Who: All Trout Unlimited members are invited! Members are also more than welcome to bring guests.



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