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Top Flies for the Driftless

In the comments section below: Post images/names of your top driftless flies. It would be great if everyone would post at least 1 dry and 1 nymph/subsurface fly.



Jun 25, 2022

I just came back from Decorah (June 14-19), and I fished a combo I already had on my rod: A brown drake thing (14-16) and a Lafontaine sparkle pupa dropper (no bead head, 20-22). On Waterloo my first two casts caught fish, and after that, it was automatic everywhere. I didn't see the Hex hatch at all, but that was probably because it comes in the evening, and I wasn't out on the water then. I think the fish are keying on the pattern though, since I caught a bunch on the brown drake thing ( it was very buggy looking and tannish...maybe it looked like a caddis). The pupa I fished in the film instead of dropping it. I…


I’m going with generics but after Duke’s email I’m tying some ants and beetles. I’ve got some but it might be easier to tie more than to find that box….


May 28, 2022

CDC Skittering Caddis

Quill Bodied Perdigon

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