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Mid-Missouri Trout Unlimited Action Alert - Stop the Sale of Eleven Point State

Conservation Appeal

On April 27Lynn Kleopfer forwarded this notice from Conservation Federation.

“House Bill 1046 is a critical attack on our State Parks. It has reached

the House Calendar and can come up for debate or vote at any

time. This bill would force the Department of Natural Resources to sell Eleven Point State Park."


Please use the link below to visit our Legislative Action Center,

which makes it very easy to send a quick note to your

Representative, and offers plenty of background information if you want to learn more first.

There is an automatically generated letter which you are free to use

all or any part of. But the whole letter is editable and you can tailor

the message as you see fit.


Legislative Action Center | Conservation Federation of Missouri



John visited the Legislation Action Center right away and urges us

to. Even if it has gotten to the House it won’t hurt to express your


HR 2307 is a new carbon fee and dividend bill very similar to the

Energy Innovation Act which our chapter endorsed. It will reduce

carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. A conservative TU member

who lobbies the US congress said they respect TU and value our

input on the environment. Please use this link to urge your members of congress to support HR 2307. You get a sample script and phone

numbers, so in a few minutes you can help protect trout and



Ask John how much fun it is to use our newsletter software.

Stay safe and send me your stories and pictures for the newsletter,

web site and Facebook page.

Jeff Holzem

Newsletter Editor

Council Climate Change Coordinator


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